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Question: Average pricing for carpet installation?

Answer: Carpet installation varies a lot, and I'm more familiar with United States prices, but I'll try to help you out here. Typical prices are less than $0.50 a square foot, but different factors can make the installation more expensive. Let's use $0.50 and assume you have a 60 sq/ft bedroom. That's $30 for installation. Unfortunately, it's not worth the installer's time to come out to your house for $30, so you will likely get charged their minimum charge. Expect to pay around $100.  

And about being 15 years old, money talks, so as long as you can show them you have it, I think you'll be alright.

Question: Carpet Installation Costs?

Answer: You can always get a cheaper or more expensive carpet but if you want a guide line you can figure 3/3.5$ a s/f. This will get you and average priced carpet, pad to cover any warranties the carpet may have ( 5 1/2# minimum 7/16ths) and general labor. This won t get rip out , disposal or any unseen sub floor work. Some rip out and haul away may be negotiated into a price, along with furniture remove. But these are a few items you can use to dicker and deal some times for a place to get the job. Always get several quotes with a similar carpet as to weight , warranties stain protection etc. And 1 other suggestion, get it from a store with their own installers. You ll have more leverage if any problem should arise. As far as a carpet and cats with claws, no carpet is safe, but definitely do not get a berber or a continuous filament carpet.You standard texture of plush carpet in a staple system is the safest bet. hem you have it, I think you'll be alright.